Telelink Among the Major Partners of the AmCham CEO Conference

Telelink Among the Major Partners of the AmCham CEO Conference
3 October 2017

‘Europe at the forefront of the digital transformation: Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union’ was the topic that united local government officials, AmCham representatives and business leaders at the conference held on 3rd October 2017 in Sofia.


The forum, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, is part of the program of the AmCham EU delegation’s visit. Among the speakers were Thomas Myrup Kristensen, Managing Director, EU Affairs - Facebook, Claudia Selli, EU Affairs Director - AT&T, Liam Benham, Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs - IBM Europe, Matthias Sachs, Senior Corporate Affairs Manager CELA - Microsoft, and Lyubomir Minchev – Telelink Group Chief Executive Officer.


The goal of the event was to drive a dialogue with the business and government institutions’ representatives about the priorities of the presidency with a focus on digitalization. Key points in the panel discussion were:

  • Cybersecurity in Europe (Mapping the landscape between member states);
  • Building digital data economy in Europe (pan-European approach to guarantee free data flow across borders);
  • Cloud computing for Europe (Fostering economy and SMEs development through shared resources); and
  • Internet of Things & Big Data (Challenges and perspectives with regards to data privacy, data protection and consistency of services across EU member states).

Lyubomir Minchev put an emphasis on education and stressed the importance of e-skills, digital citizenship, data science, and free data flow that would allow small businesses take advantage from bigger markets. “I am happy to see that our government is embracing the digital concept, understands the importance of cross-border cyber security, and seriously considers the opportunities our country can have during the Presidency”. He went on saying that the more the government is doing for its citizens and enterprises, the more the opportunities for the business, and benefits for the knowledge economy.


He added: “We will continue our investment in creating and accumulating knowledge to boost the knowledge economy, invest in research and development to further create value for the economy, and I am certain that with our Presidensy the country would truly advance in its digital transformation”.





Photos: Courtesy of AmCham